Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bla bla bla?

Please also mark your calendars for the next Culture, Gender, and Aesthetics RFG meeting to be held on October 13 at 9PM (Location TBA). This event will include a talk by YYYY, Associate Professor of English at XXXXX. YYYY works on Anglo- and Francophone Postcolonial theory and literature, Psychoanalysis, and Feminist theory. She has published on transnational feminism, psychoanalysis, autobiography, postcolonial agency, multiculturalism in an international context, postcolonial Joyce, Area Studies and Women's Studies, and Algerian film. She is the author of Dark XXXXXX: Psychoanalysis and Colonialism (ZZZZZ University Press, 2002) and has recently completed a book manuscript entitled XXXXX Cuts: Women and Representation 1820 to the present (forthcoming, WWWW University Press, 2008.)

Culture, Gender, Aesthetics, Theory, Literature? No problem.

Postcolonial Agency (?) and Postcolonial Joyce (?), Psychoanalysis, Feminist theory? No problem.

Anglo, Francophone, Transnational Feminism (?), Autobiography? Yes sir, oui madame.

Multiculturalism, Algerian film, Area Studies and Women Studies? No problem, I told you.

International context? Come and talk to me, you will understand.

P. S. As universidades americanas ( e não só) estão cheias de génios enciclopédicos. A gente desespera perante tanta e tão fecunda "ciência" concentrada num único cérebro.