Thursday, February 23, 2006

O que é literatura?

“I challenge the ordinary-language/literary-language distinction, first by pointing out that it impoverishes both the norm and its (supposed) deviation, and second by denying that literature, as a class of utterances, is identified by formal properties. Literature, I argue, is the product of a way of reading, of a community agreement about what will count as literature, which leads the members of the community to pay a certain kind of attention and thereby to create literature. Since that way of reading or paying attention is not eternally fixed but will vary with cultures and times, the nature of the literary institution and its relation to other institutions whose configurations are similarly made will be continually changing. Aesthetics, then, is not the once and for all specification of essentialist literary and nonliterary properties but an account of the historical process by which such properties emerge in a reciprocally defining relationship.”
(Stanley Fish)