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Jennifer Logan: Points. Descending. Ascending


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Les Ballet Trockadero: Go for Barocco 1/2


Yuliana Malkhasyants presents Russian Ballet on Ice, Part VI: Legend abo...


Don Giovanni (34) - O statua gentilissima


The Illusions of LIfe

The illusions of life are the best things in life; that which is most respectable in life is our futile credulity. Do there not exist many people whose principles are merely prejudices, and who not having the force of character to form their own ideas of happiness and virtue accept what is ready made for them by the hand of legislators?

Balzac, The Physiology of Marriage

Fréhel: Où sont tous mes amants?

Balzac on love and marriage II

A young man, or it may be an old one, in love or not in love, has obtained possession by a contract duly recorded at the registration office in heaven and on the rolls of the nation, of a young girl with long hair, with black liquid eyes, with small feet, with dainty tapering fingers, with red lips, with teeth of ivory, finely formed, trembling with life, tempting and plump, white as a lily, loaded with the most charming wealth of beauty. Her drooping eyelashes seem like the points of the iron crown; her skin, which is as fresh as the calyx of a white camelia, is streaked with the purple of the red camelia; over her virginal complexion one seems to see the bloom of young fruit and the delicate down of a young peach; the azure veins spread a kindling warmth over this transparent surface; she asks for life and she gives it; she is all joy and love, all tenderness and candor; she loves her husband, or at least believes she loves him. The husband who is in love says in the bottom of his …

Fauré: Exhaucement

νένα βενετσάνου/αμαρτωλό

Balzac on Love and Marriage I

THE PHYSIOLOGY OF MARRIAGE;OR, THE MUSINGS OF AN ECLECTIC PHILOSOPHER ON THE HAPPINESS AND UNHAPPINESS OF MARRIED LIFE INTRODUCTION "Marriage is not an institution of nature. The family in the east is entirely different from the family in the west. Man is the servant of nature, and the institutions of society are grafts, not spontaneous growths of nature. Laws are made to suit manners, and manners vary. "Marriage must therefore undergo the gradual development towards perfection to which all human affairs submit." These words, pronounced in the presence of the Conseil d'Etat by Napoleon during the discussion of the civil code, produced a profound impression upon the author of this book; and perhaps unconsciously he received the suggestion of this work, which he now presents to the public. And indeed at the period during which, while still in his youth, he studied French law, the word ADULTERY made a singular impression upon him. Taking, as it did, a prominent…

Schubert by Wunderlich

Reconstruction Bar Scene

Schubert -- Die schöne Müllerin, part 1/8

Schumann lieder - Dein Angesicht Op.127 No.2

Nat King Cole: Aquellos ojos verdes

Devos et Belmondo: Est-ce que vous m'aimez?

Reconstruction (by Christopher Boe)

Oh andorinha...

R. Schumann: Phantasiestucke Op. 73

MES: um livro contando a história...

Na sociedade portuguesa posterior ao 25 de Abril tem havido mais política do que competência, mais idealismo ou oportunismo do que bom senso e realismo. Da situação catastófica actual são tão responsáveis a direita como a esquerda: o oportunismo e a incompetência têm, infelizmente, caracterizado os diversos partidos sem distinção. Um livro como este imagino que terá, para os historiadores, o mérito de contar, de dentro, a história do projecto de um grupo de pessoas que mais tarde vieram a ocupar posições importantes na vida política portuguesa.

Look for the silver lining

Katherine Mansfield: The Quarrel

Our quarrel seemed a giant thing,
It made the room feel mean and small,
The books, the lamp, the furniture,
The very pictures on the wall—

Crowded upon us as we sat
Pale and terrified, face to face.
“Why do you stay ?” she said, “my room
Can never be your resting place.”

“Katinka, ere we part for life,
I pray you walk once more with me.”
So down the dark, familiar road
We paced together, silently.

The sky—it seemed on fire with stars !
I said :—“Katinka dear, look up !”
Like thirsty children, both of us
Drank from that giant loving cup.

“Who were those dolls ?” Katinka said.
“What were their stupid, vague alarms ?”
And suddenly we turned and laughed
And rushed into each other's arms.

Amália: O medo


Wild Strawberries

Hugh Wood

Showreel 2010

Ben Harper and Jack Johnson

Amelita+Tito Schipa: Un di felice

Não sei porque te foste embora

How to flirt

Mon coeur est un violon, 1945

Quizas: In the Mood for Love



María Dolores Pradera Milonga sentimental (Audio Versión Caballo Viejo)

Bohuslav Martinu (

"Ô mort, poussière d'étoiles" Gérard Souzay

Tango de Marilou - Tino Rossi

Anita O'Day with Gene Krupa Orchestra 1942

Joaquin Phoenix has to choose between Two Lovers

Britten: Violin Concerto / Janine Jansen · Daniel Harding · Berliner Philharmoniker

Lazar Berman plays Liszt Douze Études d'exécution transcendante No 11 "Harmonies dur Soir"

Aldo Ciccolini plays Satie (

Goldberg Variations

Gabriel Fauré: Aubade

Baby Doll - Trailer (1956)

Fink - Pretty little thing

Boris Vian - Je Bois

Jean Sablon : Rendez-vous sous la Pluie

Jane Rhodes sings "L'Air des lettres" from Massenet's Werther

Bruch Violin Concerto #2 - Ann Fontanella

Kirsten Flagstad sings "Jeg elsker Dig" by Edvard Grieg


Eileen Farrell - Tacea la notte placida

The Fact of the Matter as a Matter of Fact I

Kirsten Flagstad - Liebestod - London 1948