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São umas cavalgaduras

Carlos não decidira fazer exclusivamente clínica : mas desejava  decerto dar consultas, mesmo gratuitas, como caridade e como prática. Então Vilaça sugeriu que o consultório estivesse separado do  laboratório.
    – E a minha razão é esta : a vista de aparelhos, máquinas, coisas, faz esmorecer os doentes...
    – Tem você razão, Vilaça ! – exclamou Afonso. – Já meu pai  dizia : poupe−se ao boi a vista do malho.
    – Separados, separados, meu senhor – afirmou o procurador  num tom profundo.
    Carlos concordou. E Vilaça bem depressa descobriu, para o  laboratório, um antigo armazém, vasto e
retirado, ao fundo de um  pátio, junto ao Largo das Necessidades.
    – E o consultório, meu senhor, não é aqui, nem acolá ; é no Rossio, ali em pleno Rossio !
    Esta ideia do Vilaça não era desinteressada. Grande entusiasta  da Fusão, membro do Centro
Progressista, Vilaça Júnior aspirava  a ser vereador da Câmara, e mesmo em dias de satisfação superior  (como quando o seu aniversário natalíc…

Héloïse: The heart of man is a labyrinth

How happy should I be could I wash out with my tears the memory of those pleasures which yet I think of with delight? At least I will exert some generous endeavour, and, by smothering in my heart those desires to which the frailty of my nature may give birth, I will exercise torments upon myself, like those the rage of your enemies has made you suffer. I will endeavour by that means to satisfy you at least, if I cannot appease an angry God. For, to show you what a deplorable condition I am in, and how far my repentance is from being available, I dare even accuse Heaven every moment of cruelty for delivering you into those snares which were prepared for you. My repinings kindle the divine wrath, when I should endeavour to draw down mercy.

In order to expiate a crime, it is not sufficient that we bear the punishment; whatever we suffer is accounted as nothing, if the passions still continue, and the heart is inflamed with the same desires. It is an easy matter to confess a weakness, an…

True tenderness (Heloise to Abelard)

You cannot but remember, (for what do not lovers remember?) with what pleasure I have past whole days in hearing your discourse. How, when you were absent, I shut myself from everyone to write to you; how uneasy I was till my letter had come to your hands; what artful management it required to engage confidents. This detail, perhaps, surprises you, and you are in pain for what will fellow. But I am no longer ashamed that my passion has had no bounds for you; for I have done more than all this: I have hated myself that I might love you; I came hither to ruin myself in a perpetual imprisonment, that I might make you live quiet and easy. Nothing but virtue, joined to a love perfectly disengaged from the commerce of the senses, could have produced such effect. Vice never inspires any thing like this; it is too much enslaved to the body. When we love pleasures, we love the living, and not the dead; we leave off burning with desire for those who can no longer burn for us. This was my cruel…

Renata Tebaldi - La Boheme


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