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Google: robots cannot think

Google sent me a message informing me that this blog is not abiding by their quality or webmaster rules and labeling this blog as "pure spam" (it's a technical "word" for them and I understand that it is related to my use of the Youtube videos and other quotations).

Did the guy at Google who takes that kind of decision understand that I authored many of the videos and texts in this blog? I doubt. Many of these guys may be good with their computers but are totally illiterate. They don't even have the time to think, I guess. They just work.

So, in consequence, Google will not index this blog and its contents. I presume that at the restless Google quarters they don't have the time to read or look to anything in detail. I am not surprised: with a lot of money Google is taking control of everything in the internet and elsewhere and contributing to make people believe that some Americans are stupid idiots unable to think outside their limited (indexed, superf…